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"We have grown to rely on Traffic Solutions and feel as if they are part of our own company."

General Dynamics

Anniston, AL

"Traffic Solutions has taken care of our 3rd party logistics for approximately 5 years. We have grown to trust their efforts and abilities when handling various phases of our distribution. Traffic Solutions handles our "LTL", truckload and also hot shot shipments. We have grown to rely on Traffic Solutions and feel as if they are part of our own company. I attribute a major portion of this business unit's success to Traffic Solutions due to their outstanding capability to make things happen!! They are amazing...."

- John Clausen
Procurement Manager

"Traffic Solutions has saved our company tens of thousands of dollars."

Ram Tool & Supply

Birmingham, AL

"Ram Tool & Supply has been a customer of Traffic Solutions since September 2006. Since taking over the auditing of our freight invoices Traffic Solutions has saved our company tens of thousands of dollars. They have done an excellent job of disputing all invoicing issues with our carriers and ensuring that we are invoiced as per our tariff. Whenever needed, we are able to contact a member of Traffic Solutions to answer all routing and classification questions we may have. They not only handle the auditing of our invoices, but also route all truckloads and ensure that all truckload shipments routed through Traffic Solutions are the most economical.

Traffic Solutions not only has an excellent relationship with our corporate office, but has extended this relationship to our seventeen branches as well as our vendors. Every member of the Traffic Solutions staff has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service to Ram Tool and Supply. With this said, Ram Tool & Supply has nothing but confidence in knowing that Traffic Solutions has our best interest in mind."

- Tara Ford
Freight Coordinator
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"Their name says it all - SOLUTIONS!"

Quality Filters

Robertsdale, AL

"Traffic Solutions has been our logistics consultant for several years. Their name says it all - SOLUTIONS! Freight was quite a hassle in the past, but Traffic Solutions has solved that. They work very hard for us by skillfully negotiating our discounts, auditing our invoices to ensure we are billed properly, scheduling our truckloads so they are in & out with ease, and negotiating with the freight lines if we ever make a mistake on any of our bills of lading. And these are just a few of the Solutions they provide for us! Everyone is cheerful, friendly and professional. They are always ready to save us money in any way possible. Traffic Solutions has been (and contiues to be) quite an asset for us. We don't say it often enough: Thank you, Traffic Solutions!"

- Jennifer Sierota
Sales Rep
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